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      When searching for jewelries, I always wish to find the daring, the different,
the other. I try to find the piece that only I will have, the one that expresses
harmony of color to leave a unique mark.
My love for color and texture along with premium quality was what led me into
creating a truly unique kind of jewelries.
I’m inspired mostly by beautiful places I’ve seen such as “Ambar” fort in India,
the colorful market in Istanbul and the views of Israel’s desert.
Special objects of different textures, fabric patterns and the seasonal views of nature also inspire me.

Each piece is one of a kind, and unique with its touch of color and texture.
All of the materials used are carefully chosen to ensure uncompromised standard of quality that lasts.

I urge you, the daring and unique, to browse and enjoy the variety of my jewelries, and may you find what you’re searching for here, the piece that truly touches your heart and might even put a smile on your face…

                                                                                                Sara Ilani